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Race with peace of mind!
The Vortex2 race suit is CE-certified. It has shoulder, elbow, hip and knee protectors. So you can race around the track with total peace of mind. Let's not forget the shaped and built-in shoulder armour and aerodynamic race hump that take your protection to the next level and significantly reduce drag.

Micro-perforated leather on chest, sleeves and legs
Removable mesh lining

CE model Elbow-shoulder
CE protectors Level 1
Knee-hip CE protectors. Level 1
Resistant cow leather
Stretch reinforced with aramid fibers
Secured stitching

Racing collar with neoprene back and high neckroll
Very sportive preformed and fitted cut

Micro-perforated leather
Stretch reinforced with aramid fibers
Secured stitching
Flex leather on back of armholes, bottom back and over the knee
External integrated sleek shells on shoulderssliders on elbows
Aerodynamic hump, empty and perforated with space and passage for a water bag
Zipped cuffs with strap
Zipped calves

IXON Vortex 2 Black White Racing Suit

  • IXON was founded in 1996 in France. Today it is an international brand distributed in over 70 countries.  Since 2010, IXON are actively present in all disciplines and competitions on an international scale including MotoGP and WorldSBK Championship. 
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