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  • NZ-RACE is a KYT full-face helmet made from tricomposite material with a focus on racing performance.
  • Its design underwent extensive testing in wind tunnels and on the track to optimize aerodynamics, ventilation, and comfort while maintaining a dynamic and streamlined style.
  • The spoiler design contributes to both aerodynamics and comfort.
  • Ventilation is carefully designed for efficient air circulation and moisture management within the helmet.
  • The visor offers a wide field of vision, anti-scratch treatment, Pinlock® Max Vision 70 anti-fog lens, and is suitable for professional racing and road use.


  • Shell comes in two sizes (M and L) and is made from Tri-Fiber composite (kevlar, carbon, fiber glass) for impact resistance and reduced weight.
  • Internal polystyrene comes in three different sizes for optimal ergonomics and progressive impact absorption.
  • The visor is polycarbonate with optical class 1 and antiscratch treatment, easily removable without tools.
  • Antifog Pinlock® Max Vision 70 Ready. ( sold separately )
  • Ventilation system includes three front air intakes and channels for continuous airflow, aided by aerodynamic spoiler.
  • Removable and washable inners made of fine and soft fabrics that aid airflow and have features for Bluetooth headphones and emergency removal.
  • Uses a "Double D-RING" retention system in light alloy.

NZ RACE Stride Blue / White Carbon Full Face Helmet

$800.00 Regular Price
$640.00Sale Price